Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Two papers now formally published

I have just checked the web-page of Applied Animal Behaviour Science, and the august number contains two papers from our project about loose housing of sows. The first one is a preference study concerning the use of pen-walls (accepted in september 2005) and the second one is the study about floor heating and piglet vitality (accepted october 2005).

Birgitte I. Damm, Vivi Moustsen, Erik Jørgensen, Lene J. Pedersen, Teresia Heiskanen, and Bjorn Forkman. Sow preferences for walls to lean against when lying down. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 99(1-2):53–63, August 2006.

Jens Malmkvist, Lene Juul Pedersen, Birthe Marie Damgaard, Karen Thodberg, Erik Jørgensen, and Rodrigo Labouriau. Does floor heating around parturition affect the vitality of piglets born to loose housed sows?. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 99(1-2):88–105, August 2006.

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