Friday, September 29, 2006

Two papers in the pipe-line

A little information about two papers in the pipeline.

The first is a paper with Ulrich Halekoh in our group as main author. The paper addresses a recurrent problem in many behavioural studies, namely the analysis of preference experiments. The paper has now been accepted for publication in Biometrical Journal

  • U. Halekoh, E. Jørgensen, M. B. Jensen, L.J. Pedersen, M. Studnitz, and S. Højsgaard. Ranking of simultaneously presented choice options in animal preference experiments. Biometrical Journal, accepted, 2006.

The second paper is recently submitted to Preventive Veterinary Medicine and has S.S. Nielsen from the Department of Production Animals and Horses at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen as main author. I have mainly collaborated with N. Toft, from the same department. The paper studies the prevalence of paratuberculosis in Danish dairy herds, based on the assumption that the observed distribution of ELISA response from diagnostic test follows a mixture distribution, with the (unknown) disease state of the animals as components of the mixture

  • S.S. Nielsen, N. Toft, E. Jørgensen, and B.M. Bibby. Herd-specific sero-prevalences of paratuberculosis in 100 Danish dairy herds using Bayesian mixture models and continuous ELISA response. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, submitted, 2006.

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