Friday, November 24, 2006

odfWeave package in R

I finally got time to read the October number of RNews. One interesting article concerned the new package odfWeave. This package gives the same functionality for using R within OpenOffice, as the package Sweave gives with LaTeX.

SWeave is used to combine text and program code for statistical analysis in a single document. It is then possible to produce a new document automatically with the results of the statistical analysis included. In our research group we use this approach more and more.

One problem with this approach (the only ?) is how to interact with people that do not use LaTeX, but Word. It seems that a large part of this problem is now solved.

I have tried it out very briefly, and it seems to be working seamlessly. The resulting document can easily be saved in Word format in OpenOffice. However, I have not tried it with the formula editor in OpenOffice

By the way, the (Danish) OpenOffice add-on Writer2LaTeX that converts OpenOffice documents to LaTeX is now (version 2.0.4) integrated in OpenOffice.

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