Monday, December 11, 2006

A new blog is taking form

I have gathered a lot of examples about the use of Bayesian Networks and Markov Processes during the last 15 years. That is why I have startet a new blog : Bayesian Networks and Markov Processes in Agriculture. The examples have been used for different lectures, presentations and workshops. At the moment, the examples are more or less scattered on different obsolete servers and some of them on my own hard disk.

My plan is to transfer the examples to the blog, when I have some spare time. In addition examples of current research will be included

Until now I have only made a few postings, mainly based on examples in Bedre Beslutninger med Bayesianske Netværk and Potential Application Areas for Bayesian Networks within Animal Production.

In addition to Bayesian Networks, the examples will include Markov Processes, as they are used in models of e.g. animal behaviour and epidemiological models and decision support in farm management.

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